Natalia Haarahiltunen




There was the time of wedding
 in the place called Cana.
There was something in there
 which still works in here.
People rejoiced about love
 the union and life.
The couple looked in
 each other`s eyes
   and the feast was high.
Bright colours
 of celebrations.
- One guest in His white clothes.
Wine, it was ending fast.
Time, it reminded from past.
What was to be offered
 from now on?
 Was there anything left
        for the union of Love?
The time stood still
 like the water in jars.
The drops of pureness
 were held in Virgin`s eyes
   The calm waters reflected the skies.
A call forth from old
 was this new feast to be.
  The new wine was much better
    than the one in the eve.
Love was kindled through waters
  and the wine was fine.
  Everyone was taking part for this Union of Love.